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Amano new product MTX-30 series announcement

Amano is pleased to announce the release of our new MTX-30 series terminals. These new terminal work with a new release of Time Guardian 5.6. and Time Guardian Pro 4.6. These new terminals have additional features and functionality like s... Read More


Schedules are located in the following areas based on software: ATVS - In the tree menu in the right side, Schedules will be listed, maximize the ATVS window for access to the new schedule icon or edit/hand icon Time Guardian Pro&... Read More

Advance Scheduling Demo

We are looking to add Advance Scheduling to our Time Guardian software. Do you have a demo of the Advanced Scheduling module?     REPLY:   Please call 800 896 7035. Read More

contact number

I need a contact number for my IT dept to reach out for some questions   REPLY:800 253 9836 Read More

PIX-95 Connectivity

I have a client using a PIX-95 time clock who wants to know if it‘s possible to connect it to a PC to receive alerts when an employee clocks in or clocks out. I couldn‘t find a manual online.Thanks,Mason   REPLY: This clock is standalone with no pc c... Read More

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